20 Year State Infrastructure Strategy Submission

YACSA is the peak body in South Australia representing the interests of young people, youth workers, organisations and networks throughout the non-government youth sector. Policy positions are independent and not aligned with any political party or movement. YACSA supports the fundamental right of all young people to participate in and contribute to all aspects of community life, particularly the decision-making processes that impact them.


YACSA is pleased to have the opportunity to provide a response to the 20-Year State Infrastructure Strategy as we acknowledge the important role that effective infrastructure has in connecting people to health services, nutritious food, education, energy, clean water and transport. Young people in particular require reliable, affordable and safe transport options to assist them to be connected to their communities, education, work and health services.


YACSA regularly canvasses our young members and other young people to gather their experiences in a range of areas and issues related to infrastructure are perpetually raised. The accessibility of transport and access to appropriate health and mental health services, particularly in outer metropolitan and rural and remote locations are two frequently raised issues that impact significantly on young people. This submission will be driven by the experiences of young people as we provide a broad response to the consultation.